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Technological evolution is increasingly accelerating. A major role in this development is played by Machine Learning (ML) and its integration in more and more aspects of value generation from data evaluation through production processes to corporate management. I am passionate about driving this development with my own research and making ML accessible for a wider audience.
Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in ML at the Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil, which is one of the leading universities in Latin America (Times Ranking (1st), World University Rankings (2nd)). My research here is concerned with intelligent cognitive agents that autonomously learn using Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) algorithms. The main focus lies on continuously building knowledge over time and reusing that knowledge to speed up and improve the learning of new tasks. More...
My research project was awarded the Google Research Award for Latin America twice, has received a hardware grant from Nvidia, and was recognized as distinguished work of the Computer Engineering department at my university. I was also selected to present my project at the AAAI'17 doctoral consortium and invited as an outstanding young researcher to the 5th Heidelberg Laureate Forum. Publications I co-authored were awarded best conference paper at BRACIS'16 and received honorable mentions as best student poster at AAAI'17.
One of my biggest drivers is making ML available to a wider audience, therefore, I am helping with the organization of various Meetup groups in São Paulo and have become an organizer of ML events to bring interested people together to foster growth and make people aware of new technologies and tools. I am happy to be part of PAPIs.io which is a conference series that tells real-world ML stories with a high focus on the community.
Apart from my academic experiences, I have acquired years of full- and part-time professional experience in the technology sector before and during my studies and have recently joined PAPIs.io as Lead Organizer.
As a young man, I pursued a professional athlete career in Squash being a member of the German Junior Team as one of the best junior players in the world and later reaching a world ranking position of #206 as a senior before retiring due to a knee surgery.

Research Interests

Cognitive Agents Reinforcement Learning Deep Learning Transfer Learning


Practical Experience

Practical Experience

  • Research InternMicrosoft Research

    Jun, 2018 - Oct, 20183+ month

    Working at the intersection of Software Engineering and Machine Learning to apply Reinforcement Learning techniques to facilitate software testing.

    • Exploration of UWP apps

    • Learning to solve a given task in an app

    • Learning to navigate an app

  • Lead OrganizerPAPIs.io

    Feb, 2017 - today1+ years

    Organization of international Machine Learning conferences all over the world. PAPIs is dedicated to real-world Machine Learning applications and the innovations, techniques, and tools that power them. We combine the best of industry and academic conferences, with workshops, invited speakers, community-provided talks, and discussion panels, all guided by an expert committee of reviewers.

    • Growth through extension to LATAM conferences

    • Sponsor acquisition and support through whole life cycle

    • Speaker invitation, reviewer selection, support for Program Chairs

    • Team coordination at conference

  • Research AssistantUNESP

    Jan, 2012 - Jan, 20142 years 1 month

    Directed at analyzing and developing technologies to establish condition based maintenance in hydro electric power plants utilizing established approaches like thermal imaging and vibrational analysis, the project was the result of a collaboration with an energy provider based in the south of Brazil. It aimed at improving the current state of machine surveillance and produce a wider range of data to engage in permanent analysis to reduce maintance efforts and costs.

    • Designed and constructed an autonomous moving camera system inside power generator and other high voltage environments (Solidworks)

    • Developed surveillance system to analyze infrared images (Matlab, Flir)

    • Designed simple circuits and developed the software for motor control of the camera system (Arduino)

  • Datacenter Special Forces1&1 Internet AG

    Sep, 2001 - Nov, 201110 years 3 months

    Technical services and engineering work regarding all datacenter related issues with changing responsibilities.

    • Administration and development of datacenter control and monitoring systems for several datacenters

    • Supporting datacenter infrastructure optimization based on datacenter monitoring analysis and evaluation of new technologies

    • Support and training of staff for new co-locations

    • Planing, organisation and execution of server and system relocations in and between different datacenters in Germany and the US

    • Maintenance of server hardware and datacenter infrastructure equipment

    • Technical responsible for server homing systems and customers

  • Project EngineerSanioSolar Gbr

    Jul, 2011 - Nov, 20143 years 5 months

    Freelance employment. Project planning of small photovoltaics plants and engineering services around energy-efficiency for SMBs and private households.

  • Technical and Business InterviewerStrand Writing & Design

    Jul, 2010 - Jul, 20111 year 1 month

    Freelance employment. Designing, conducting and translating interviews for case studies and marketing brochures on behalf of well-known information technology companies to summarize successful projects and point out the main advantages achieved or the key factors that led to success.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Squash coach, 1. Squash Club Karlsruhe

    Jun, 1997 - Jun, 2003

    Teaching kids how to play squash while keeping a focus on their general physical education through games and skill exercises.